Comment j'ai lancé ma boutique en ligne

How I started my online store

Hello to all! My name is Daniela and, as you may already know, I am the founder of The Little French Store, an online store that offers artisanal and original jewelry, inspired by my German culture and my life in France. This week is World Entrepreneurship Week and it's an opportunity for me to tell you how I made my entrepreneurial dream come true! Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international initiative that aims to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage people who want to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

I always wanted to start my own business, but I didn't know where to start or how to make my idea a reality. It was after a year of reflection and by finding information on the Internet and from the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry that I decided to take the plunge and launch into the creation of my online store. I took advantage of training with the Chamber of Commerce to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, find advice, meet other novices who wanted to get started and above all, to motivate me and give me confidence in myself and my project.

So I attended this training at the Chamber of Commerce, led by an expert in business creation, and it allowed me to learn the key stages of creating an online business. It is important to know how to choose the legal, fiscal and social status of your company as well as to know the basics of digital marketing and to have an idea of ​​how to manage promotion on social networks.

During this training, I also met other women entrepreneurs which was very nice and which allowed us to discuss our various projects.

Thanks to all these experiences, I was able to refine my project, create my website, define my commercial strategy and above all, make myself known and develop my clientele. I also exhibited my creations during the Salon des Créateurs at the La Teste-de-Buch Exhibition Centre, where I was able to meet potential clients and fellow exhibitors :-)

Today, I am proud to tell you about The Little French Store. Creating my business was, above all, a story of the heart, the culmination of several years of passion for creating beautiful things. I have perfected my skills in creating jewelry with a strong and exclusive design.

At The Little French Store, each piece is unique and handcrafted with quality in mind. I believe that every piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory, it is a personal expression of your style and personality. Each piece is carefully designed to reflect the natural beauty of the materials used, as well as to highlight the uniqueness of each piece.

I hope that my jewelry brings you joy, beauty and self-confidence.

See you soon,



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