Maintenance tips

Your jewelry deserves your full attention.

The Little French Store offers you quality polymer clay earrings, with stainless steel hooks/studs, perfect for sensitive ears. Resistant to time, this metal does not oxidize or blacken in the face of daily aggressions.

By following these few tips, you will enjoy it for a long time:

- Polymer clay resists water, metals fear light and humidity. So keep your jewelery in a dry place (the bathroom is to be avoided), away from light and strong heat.
- Prefer a box or a drawer to keep your jewelry in order to avoid friction.
- You can clean your jewelry with a microfiber cloth moistened with clear water. Dry well with a soft cloth.
- Do not put in contact with cosmetic products such as perfume or hairspray, nor with chemical products such as detergents, chlorine-based products, bleach, etc. which could attack and tarnish your jewellery. For these reasons, do not swim with your jewellery, neither in the pool nor in the sea.