La collection de décembre "Belle de nuit"

The December collection “Belle de nuit”

The new “Belle de nuit” collection has arrived at The Little French Store! Inspired by the beauty and mystery of flowers that bloom at night, this collection offers you original and elegant models, made in polymer clay. You will find fine and delicate earrings, which come in several designs - bold, sparkling or glamorous. Whatever your style, you will find the Belle de nuit earrings that suit you, to brighten up your outfits and enhance your beauty.

Why choose Belle de nuit earrings from The Little French Store?

- Because they are unique: they are designed by our designer, who puts all her know-how and creativity at the service of your beauty. Which results in a designer piece of jewelry, handmade in France.

- Because they are trendy: they follow the latest fashions and seasons, offering you varied and original colors, shapes and textures.

- Because they are accessible: they are sold at very reasonable prices, without compromising on quality and durability.

How to wear Belle de nuit earrings?

- You can wear them with a sober and chic outfit, to give them all the relief they deserve. For example, a little black dress, a suit or jeans and a white blouse will bring out their shine and elegance.

- You can also combine them with a more colorful and fanciful outfit, to create contrast and dynamism. For example, a red dress, floral printed pants or a patterned sweater will bring out their originality and charm.

- You can finally mix and match them, to create your own style and express your personality. For example, you can wear one thin earring and one bold earring, or combine different designs, for a quirky and fun effect.

Where to find Belle de nuit earrings?

- You will find them exclusively on The Little French Store's online store under The plus of the month of December: a super promo of 20% off with no minimum purchase with the promo code NUIT20 (valid until December 31, 2023). And as always: delivery costs are free for any purchase of €25 or more! Enjoy!

See you soon !

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