La tendance des boucles d'oreilles vertes pour l'automne

The green earrings trend for fall

Green earrings are an essential trend for fall 2023. Whether they are made of metal, pearls, stones or polymer clay, they bring a touch of freshness and nature to your outfits. Here are some ideas for wearing them with style.

Oversized green earrings: for a bold and assertive look, opt for XL green earrings that adorn your face and attract all eyes. You can choose them in the shape of large leaves, flowers or geometric shapes, depending on your preference. Pair them with a simple, neutral outfit to show them off, like a black sweater, raw jeans and ankle boots.

Elegant green earrings: for a chic and refined look, opt for discreet and sophisticated green earrings. You can choose them with gold or silver fasteners, decorated with pearls or made with pompoms. These green earrings bring a touch of color and light to your face, without being too showy. Wear them with a flowing dress, a blazer and pumps for a feminine and elegant look.

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