Les puces d'oreilles

Ear fleas

Stud earrings are discreet and elegant jewelry that can enhance any outfit. Whether you are more classic, bohemian, rock or glamorous, there are earrings adapted to your style and personality. Here are some tips for choosing and wearing stud earrings with style.

Choose ear studs based on your face shape

Stud earrings are jewelry that are worn close to the face, so it is important to choose them according to the shape of your face. In general, you must respect the rule of contrast: if you have a round face, opt for geometric or angular earrings, which will refine your features. If you have a square face, choose round or oval stud earrings, which will soften your angles. If you have an oval face, you can afford all shapes of stud earrings, but avoid those that are too long or too bulky, which will weigh down your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, choose earrings that will balance your chin, like inverted triangles or drops.

Match your earrings with your outfit

Stud earrings are jewelry that can be adapted to all occasions, from the office to the evening, including the weekend. Simply match them with your outfit, taking into account colors, materials and style. For example, if you are wearing a floral dress, you can choose flower-shaped earrings, pastel or gold in color. If you are wearing a knitted sweater, you can opt for earrings made of polymer clay, stone or metal, which will create an interesting contrast. If you are wearing a sober and chic outfit, you can opt for pearl or crystal earrings, which will add sparkle to your look.

Vary the earrings according to your mood

Stud earrings are jewelry that can express your mood, your personality and your creativity. Don't hesitate to vary the earrings as you wish, playing with shapes, colors, patterns and materials. You can also wear several earrings on the same ear, if you have several holes, to create an original and trendy effect. For example, you can combine star, moon and sun shaped earrings for a celestial look. You can also mix gold, silver and copper earrings for a metallic look. You can also combine heart, arrow and feather shaped earrings for a romantic look.

Stud earrings are essential jewelry to complete your everyday wardrobe. They are easy to wear, match and change, depending on your face, your outfit and your mood. Stud earrings are accessories that can make all the difference in your look, bringing a touch of charm, fantasy and personality. So, don't wait any longer, and treat yourself with The Little French Store earrings!
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