Les tendances bijoux à adopter en 2024

Jewelry trends to adopt in 2024

Jewelry is an essential accessory to enhance an outfit, express your personality and assert your style. In 2024, jewelry trends are varied, bold and creative. What pieces should you have in your jewelry box this year? What are the colors, shapes and materials to favor? Here is an overview of the jewelry trends to follow to be at the forefront of fashion.

XXL jewelry

In 2024, jewelry will stand out for its XXL size. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings feature oversized, asymmetrical and sculptural shapes. These voluminous jewels bring character and originality to a look. They can be worn alone or stacked for an even more spectacular effect. XXL jewelry is perfect for dressing up a sober or monochrome outfit, or for creating a contrast with flowing, light clothing.

Pink jewelry

Pink is the trendy color of 2024. This soft and feminine shade comes in all shades, from powder pink to fuchsia pink, including coral pink or candy pink. Pink jewelry is made with polymer clay, glass beads or natural pearls. In particular, pink earrings bring luminosity and freshness to a look. Pink goes well with yellow gold, rose gold or silver. Pink jewelry can be worn with clothing of the same color, for a tone-on-tone look, or with contrasting colors, such as black, white or green.

Black jewelry

Black is a timeless and elegant color that lends itself well to jewelry. In 2024, black jewelry is in fashion, whether it is polymer clay, metal, stone or pearl. The black metal is obtained by different processes, such as rhodium plating, oxidation or titanium. Black metal brings modernity and sobriety to a piece of jewelry. It goes well with yellow gold, for a chic contrast, or with silver, for a rock look. Black stones, such as onyx, agate, diamond or spinel, are also very popular. They bring depth and mystery to a piece of jewelry. They can be worn with light clothing, to make them stand out, or with dark clothing, for a monochrome look. Black pearls, like Tahitian pearls, are also very trendy. They bring sophistication and elegance to a piece of jewelry. They can be worn with simple clothes, to highlight them, or with colorful clothes, to create a contrast.

Multi-row jewelry

Multi-strand jewelry is jewelry made up of several rings, chains or beads, which are superimposed or intertwined. These jewels are very trendy in 2024, because they create volume and movement. Multi-strand jewelry is available in necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings. They can be made with a single metal, for a harmonious effect, or with several metals, for a mix and match effect. Multi-strand jewelry can be worn alone, for a minimalist look, or stacked, for a maximalist look.

Pearl and rhinestone jewelry

Pearls and rhinestones are timeless elements, which bring shine and delicacy to a piece of jewelry. In 2024, pearls and rhinestones mix to create original and glamorous jewelry. Pearls can be natural or synthetic, white or colored, round or baroque. Rhinestones can be transparent or colored, discreet or imposing. Pearls and rhinestones are found on necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings. They can be worn with sober clothes, to make them shine, or with sparkling clothes, for a festive look.

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